• What is this site about?
    This site is tracking auctions and users on the known large penny auction sites to give you a better insight when to bid and how to spend your money.

  • How much does it cost?
    The subscription is for $20 a month. You may cancel the subscription at any given time.
    If you paid $20 and you don't like what you see I will refund you if you just email me. I'm usually very responsive.
    Emails to confirm your user will come from mybidder95@gmail.com, please check your spam folder if you can't not find the confirmation email.

  • Are you going to add more sites?
    Please feel free to email me with suggestions. I did not find any other good sites.

  • What is the the Bids Left(Bin) column ?
    Bin - Means Buy it now option. Bids Left column stands for how many bids are left for the specific user on the specific auction to Bin. Every bid has a value (60 cents on Quibids and about 15 cents on Dealdash). If a user bid 100 bids he/she spent $60 on Quibids and $15 on Dealdash. If they bid on $100 item then on Quibids bids left will show (100-60)/0.6=66 bids left, on Dealdash (100-15)/0.15=266 bids left. The actual formula is more complicated since it's also looking at the current bid and the discounts on the auction.

  • What is the little progress bar under the user name on the Auction page?
    It's a visual representation of the Bids Left(Bin) column. See above. In other words, the longer the bar the closer the user is to Bin.

  • Why does the Bids Left column sometimes show negative values ?
    If the number is negative it means the bidder is overbidding(paying more then the item value). On Quibids one can not overbid unless they are using vouchers. So the number on Quibids means how many vouchers were used to overbid. On DealDash you can overbid. If a bidder want to pay $1000 on $100 item he/she can. On Quibids the number is more accurate and has more meaning. For example let's say you bid on $30 gift card. Quibids will only allow you to place $30/$0.6(cost of bid) = 50 real bids at max. So you can't place 51 bids unless one of your bids is a voucher bid(which has no $ value). Also if the current price of the $30 gift card auction is $5 you can only place 41 more real bids. Why? Because you need to pay the auction end price if you win hence $5 + 41x0.6=$29.6 which is about $30 In the example above if you placed 42 bids the number of left bids will become negative 1 (-1) because you had to use a voucher to place the 42nd bid. Notice, Quibids posts auctions worldwide, you might see in the U.S. an auction worth $30 but for a bidder from Canada or Australia it might be $35 etc. Ex: http://www.quibids.com/en/auction-592917100US-C1778-25-outback-steakhouse-gift-card ,the winner is from Australia , for someone in the U.S the auction price is $37, for the winner its actually $47.

  • What does the Column Time Left(BIN) mean?
    This column is specific to DealDash. Since most of the bidders use the automatic bidding option Bidtracker can derive the rate of bids placed and calculate when a bidder will BIN (pay the price of the item in bids).

  • Are you accepting Bitcoins or Litecoins ?
    Thanks for asking, I sure do, send me an email for rates etc

  • Due to recent changes in chrome browser the Bidtracker Extension stopped working. I have no workaround at this point. Chrome Extension now on the Google store for free :Download here 

    Chrome extenstion screenshot

  • My chrome extension no logner works how do I fix it?
    Due to recent changes in chrome browser the Bidtracker Extension stopped working.
    To fix it follow those 3 simple steps:
    1. Using chrome browse to chrome://flags/
    2. find "samesite by default cookies" and disable it
    3. Restart chrome
    On MAC this may no longer work, if so please follow the steps below:
    1. Close chrome
    2. Open Terminal
    3. In the terminal window type: open -a "Google chrome" --args --disable-features=SameSiteByDefaultCookies
    4. Hit enter to launch chrome with the disabled feautre

    Contact me: mybidder95@gmail.com